Pakistanis protesting in Toronto against Hazara and Shia killings, January 13, 2013

More than 400 people turned up in downtown Toronto in less than 24 hours' notice to show solidarity with Shia and Hazara protesters in Pakistan. Even more are expected tomorrow (14 Jan) outside Pakistan Embassy. Protesters included members of the Shia community, representatives of the Canadian Hazara Association and members of other religious communities as well. The slogans and speeches were centered around three themes/demands:

1. Complete solidarity with sit-in protests all across Pakistan.

2. A demand that the state and security establishment should stop patronizing the violent extremist groups elements which target Shias and other religious minorities in Pakistan and immediately produce them before the courts.

3. A recognition that Shias should form alliances with other persecuted communities and classes in Pakistan as part of a broader struggle for social justice and an end to all kinds of exploitation.

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