World Premiere: KioSK Festival, Stanica, Slovakia, July 22-23, 2010
US Premiere: La MaMa, New York, NY, November 11-21, 2010

Concept/Direction/Choreography: Pavel Zuštiak
Performed: Jaro Vinarsky
Original Music and Live Performance: Christian Frederickson
Lighting Design: Joe Levasseur
Scenic & Costume Design: Nick Vaughan & Pavel Zuštiak
Video Design: Manny Palad
Assistant for the Ensemble: Lindsey Dietz-Marchant
Ensemble Performers: Darcy Naganuma, Deb Silver, Emily Lahaie, Gary Warchola, Manny Palad, Mei Yamanaka, Meredith Fages, Molly Heller, Sarah Zitnay, Sego Marchand, Stephanie Plaitin, Teddy Rodger, Tony Nilsson, Aby Pinon, Adriana Chavez, Ashley Spivak, CJ Holm, Daniella Rabbani, Elena Hecht, Eleni Lydia Stamellou, Emilia Costa, Esmé Boyce, Frank Cohn, Geneviève Martel, Heidi Rider, Josephine Dorado, Julia Handschuh, Julia Simpson, Kajuan Douglas, Kate Messinger, Katie Barkley, Kristin Hatleberg, Laura Griskus, Laura Maier, Leah Ives, Lisa Phillips, Maggie Cloud, Malinda Crump, Miho Sawayanagi, Nathan Whiting, Nicole Salm, Perri Yaniv, Rick Herron, Rosalind Rita, Sayano Ichinohe, Sheba Squires, Sofia Tsirakis and others
Assistant Manager & Stage Manager: Melinda Lee
Press Representation: Blake Zidell& Associates

The Painted Bird | Bastard was developed and supported during residencies at StanicaZilina-Zariecie (Slovakia) and Grotowski Institute (Poland). Bastard was created with financial support of Trust for Mutual Understanding, Greenwall Foundation, CEC Artslink, Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, US Embassy in Slovakia, Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and NF Slovak Telekom. An early research of the work was supported by Movement Research in New York City and dance department at University of California, Irvine.
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