Over the Christmas holiday traveled with a local TV crew down to Dallas, TX to produce a 60 minute on-location show for their daily lifestyle show. Over two days we visited 8 locations, conducting interviews at each location. There were two shooters (including me) and two talent. We split our locations and did two shoots per day. The shoots were all run and gun with majority of the lighting being available.

This segment was the most interesting to me and my first attempt with the C100. I received the C100 on Christmas Eve and toyed around with it for a couple of hours. Then two days later shot this segment. I wasn't sure what to expect with the camera. Fitting into the TV stations mold, I shot everything in 60i and used the Wide DR feature. Everything in this segment was shot handheld with a Red Rock Micro Shoulder rig, Small HD DP6 monitor and Letus' FF unit. I used the Canon 24-70mm lens (version 1) for the entire shoot as I could only bring what I could carry on the shoot. The footage was recorded straight to SD cards and I used the double slot recording, just to insure that I had a backup of the footage. In post (PP CS6), I warped stabilized 95% of the b-roll shots, CC and graded the shots using a blend of Film Convert and Magic Bullet. Overall, I was happy with the warp stabilizer in CS6 as it saved majority of my shots from appearing overly handheld. The close up of the giraffe shows a bit of a wabble because of the warp stabilizer. A miss on my part before exporting out to the master version. Every non-technical person I spoke with thought it was just because I was hand held and didn't seem to matter to them. This was a quick turn in that all four packages had to be produced in 2 days to make time slot. Editing was made simpler with the use of CS6 since it handled the AVCHD codec rather well.

We were in and out of the zoo under 2 hours. It was a cold and wet day, so there were no visitors and majority of the animals were hiding or inside, because of the weather. The final product went to air in 720p, 29.97. I exported using Media Encoder and changed the interlace feature to progressive to avoid any interlacing issues on the 59.94 to 29.97 conversion. This version is a reflection of that setting.

Overall, I am happy with the C100. Just need more time with it, so it can become second nature. I'm coming from using the 5DM2 for the last year. This wasn't the most ideal situation for how I'd like to produce, but if the shoe fits, wear it, right? The TV station ran it's own graphics, etc on playback through their control room.

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