“Future Sons and Daughters,” AM’s new album, was conceived in Elliot Smith's previous dwelling (now producer Charles Newman's place of residence).

The Grand Opinion video was shot in Malibu, California and directed by Blake West. The concept is based on the classic French Film Le Ballon Rouge or The Red Balloon. Instead of balloons there are beach balls in this video.

AM combines intelligent, yet un-alienating lyrics with sparse, psychedelic groove. From the sultry melodicism of Brazil's Jorge Ben to the moodiness of Ennio Morricone's more trippy soundtrack period, the new album fuses the classic with the modern with an honesty only a dedicated music fan could produce. "Fortunate Family Tree" conjures up social commentary on the have's and have not's in today's America while "Leavenworth", a hauntingly sparse ballad, summons the Beatles or early Carol King against a 70's B-movie soundtrack. With both percussion and drums playing off each other, angular 60's electric guitar, musical bass and moody synths AM's sextet operates more like a mini chamber ensemble than a traditional rock band which evokes the pop side of Serge Gainsbourg or a darker and less pretty Bird and the Bee.

Find out more about AM at amsounds.com

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