After almost two years in the making, we finally release our first feature VERA.

VERA is an independent horror/drama film. Shot entirely with a Canon 60D and with a very limited budget.
Starring the girl Adriana Noriega in the leading role and the young Natalia Guerrero as supporting actress.
The film is now part of the Official Selection of the World Extreme Film Festival "Saint Sebastian of Veracruz"


Vera is a little street girl who sells flowers at the indifference of the people.
At night, the girl is tormented by nightmares, on wich she finds herself in a strange place, surrounded by visions of a childhood devoid of innocence.

She lives in a small room, where she keeps old toys and withered flowers.
Every day the little Vera, walk through the streets carrying her old bucket of flowers, always stopping at the same place to sell them.

Vera, is ignored by passersby, until she meets a young woman.

The woman, upon contact with Vera, begins to feel a kind of concern and curiosity about the girl, sharing the feel of loneliness and indifference of the world.

Vera will use this friendship, to share a deep secret and end the nightmares that torments her.

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