Updated my animation reel for 2012 to include a few new pieces! In order of appearance:

These Pancakes are Tiny (Animated Short)
- vimeo.com/2405746

Don't Kid Yourself (Animated Installation)

Dooder Walks and is Surprised (Compositing Exercise)
- vimeo.com/10222589

Angry Walk (Pencil Test)

Oswald the Orange (Spec Intro)
- vimeo.com/23581662

Animated Arts (Web Banner)
- vimeo.com/42054213

Nonsense (Mixed Media Animation)
- vimeo.com/2605303

Drip City (Animated Illustration)
- vimeo.com/23596944

A Heart for the Hero (Animated Short)
- youtu.be/OStUbjcc5do

QUIT. (Animated Installation)
- vimeo.com/41930312

Music by my crazy-super-talented broseph, Paul Seely

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