The TRAWL VISION PRO software is divided into three modules which can be used together or in standalone configuration. Apart from the Trawl Vision Designer described in this document you can add to your system the other modules at any time.

TRAWL VISION DESIGNER is the tool for the net makers and skippers who want to design their own net models in an easy and friendly way, starting from pre-defined templates.
Once the net design is finished you can simulate in the TVS.

The TVD also opens a new way to share the fishing gear technology through the website where the TVD user can upload his designs and trade them with other TVS users. This way the net design can be virtually tested before the shipowner buy it to the net maker.

This software has been created by the company Acruxsoft SRL, is a Uruguayan company, devoted to provide technology solutions for continuously improving the fishing activity.

Founded in the year 2000, and currently located at the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (, AcruxSoft has been awarded many local and international prizes for their technological innovation.

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