Pick & place demonstration shows how igus components work together

Plastic bearing, energy chain and cable specialist igus UK demonstrates how its standard and innovative products can work together in an automated ‘Pop Art’ engineering sculpture.

The pick and place demonstration is produced from parts selected from each of the different product categories in the igus range. It clearly shows how igus components can work in combination to produce a complete system, which can be used in sophisticated industrial robotic and automated applications that require sensing, rotating, pick & place, and linear motion.

What this intelligent application demonstrates is each part of a puzzle being identified and then being put back together correctly by using a variety of functions created by the individual components. igus’ specialises in products for machines with moving parts, so the products used in this machine are for sensing and selecting, robolink, a multi-axis articulated joint, bearings made from a specially formulated plastic material iglidur J, pickchain for continuous pick & place functions, and two drylin E linear modules that move the pickchain to the desired point.

For more information visit igus.co.uk/default.asp?PAGE=EnergyChains&wt.mc_id=pint01
Although this system was manufactured only to demonstrate the abilities of the different igus products, it has generated a lot of interest and enquiries for individual and system parts due to the additional benefits of their technical properties that include low coefficients of friction, resilience to temperature extremes and environments, low cost and freedom from maintenance.

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