Strategies For Dealing With Tough Coaches

This is Part 6 of a series from an interview with Jamie McKinven, who is the author of the book, So You Want Your Kid To Play Pro Hockey?

In this video, Jamie will give us an idea how to deal with tough coaches and how he overcame his insecurities towards his coaches' trust in his abilities.

We hear from players all the time that they have coaches that they don't like or don't like them. Either way it affects a child's performance whether positively or negatively.

It is then necessary for them to know how to deal with these tough coaches to maintain their focus in and out of the game.

That happens quite a bit, I always thought all my coaches didn't like me at one point, but it was funny because maybe some of them didn't.

But there were some coaches that I ran into years later and I said, "You know what? You were so tough on me all the time. What was the deal?" Then they said,

"You know what? I was your biggest fan. I thought you were such a great player, but I always thought you were leaving something on the table. There was something more you could give, so I was trying to find ways to motivate you and maybe I came across as someone who didn't like you, but it was quite the contrary."

One thing as a player, the only thing that you can control is how hard you work and the duties that you can perform, keeping your confidence up.

Making sure you work hard in every single situation, that is one thing you can control.

You're always going to have somebody that is going to say, "Nah, he is not that good. He is not good enough skater or he is not big enough." There are always critics.

Wayne Dresky has got a million critics. He is the best player that I have I ever played.

Sidney Crosby is going through all kinds of stuff. He has got to be the best player in the game today and he has so many people that want to be a critic. You are always going to have a critic.

You are always going to have a lot of critics and sometimes they are going to be on your team or your coach.

The only thing that you can control is blocking out any type of negativity and focusing on your work ethic and just pushing forward.

Some coaches over the years didn't think I could do it, there were some coaches like that.

I knew there was always another team on another level that I was pushing to get to and there is always somebody watching, so I just make sure I always worked hard and control what I could control.

I can't change people's minds, but I can work hard and maybe try to change it in that sense.

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