enables users to customize a virtual Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows 8, and then submit it as their job application to become Will Arnett’s personal assistant for a day.

Users customized their virtual Nokia Lumia 920 phones by arranging a variety of applications from sports to entertainment, music, news and social feeds onto the phones home screen. The color of the phone and the colors of the tiles were also customizable.

We collaborated closely with the Microsoft User Experience team to ensure that our virtual Lumia 920’s UI accurately represents its real world counterpart. The experience also integrated Facebook Connect as an option for users to receive personalized recommendations on which application tiles to choose.

From those user choices, Will was able to determine what the user was into. The result was the illusion that Will was actually browsing through the user's application tiles, as well as commenting on the phone color. We achieved this “real-time” personalization through our proprietary cloud-based video rendering system that analyzed user submissions and served up custom video clips of Will based on the type of Live Tiles the user chose.

Once the user’s customized phone passed Will’s interview process, the user would then be prompted to share Will’s feedback and encourage their friends to vote for them. The user who got the most votes (and had the best Live Tile selection) would get the job. The system also tracked the user's name onto a personalized business card held by Will Arnett. The experience was also optimized to work on a broad range of tablets and mobile devices.

A cool new phone and a day with Will Arnett, now that is a contest worth winning!

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