A brief overview of Leonard Adleman’s 1994 research on DNA computing to solve the Hamiltonian Path Problem, aka “The Traveling Salesman”.

With the introduction of tablet devices in the technology industry, the computer industry is being revolutionized. Over the years, the convention has shifted from desktops to laptops, and now tablets while becoming evermore portable. But what if instead of making computers traditionally out of silicon, we went outside the box and made computers out of DNA? Although very unorthodox, it is still very much possible create a computer by applying fundamental computer science theory in the field of biology. This sort of interdisciplinary work is what Leonard Adleman worked on back in the 90s and also what we see today as researchers from UC Berkeley are stilling working to find a breakthrough that would allow DNA computing to be incorporated into our daily lives.

Director/Animator: LaMar Ford Jr.
Screenplay & Concept: Demi Nguyen & LaMar Ford Jr.
Narrator: Robert Calcagno

© 2013 University of Southern California. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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