This is a short 60 second sting trailer (visuals only set to music, no dialogue) that was created for the Senior Project Festival at Concord-Carlisle High School, intended to present alongside a description short film that I was in the process of directing.

A brief description of the project: In a future dystopia, personal expression have been severely limited, and in some cases, outlawed entirely. A small rebellion forms, helmed by young graffiti artists and clashes with authorities after they paint a mural on the walls of a federal prison.

Due to severe scheduling difficulties and conflicts, the project was never completed. I'm still extremely proud of the original script, penned by myself and Zach Bokhour, and definitely plan on pursuing the project in the future, likely from scratch as I learn more about filmmaking and develop my style as a director and cinematographer.

Sorry about the white lines on the second to last shot, I had some strange rendering issues and the original project files for this edit are on another computer that I don't have access to at the moment.

This sting trailer stars:
Evan Sibley
Andrew Krupa
Mickey Valle-Hoag
Tom Valle
Bryan Benjamin
Joe Valle-Hoag
Peter Bailey Wells
Zach Bokhour
Peter Craft
Mitchell Palmer
Larry Palmer

Original script written by myself (Wes Palmer) and Zach Bokhour. Special thanks to Kate Lee-DuBon for exceptionally valuable comments and feedback on the screenplay.

Thanks also to Zach Bokhour and Peter Craft for also helping out with audio work and general crew duties for the shoot.

Special thanks to Detective Scott Camilleri, Sergeant Joseph Connell, and the Concord Police Department for assisting the production.

Shot on the Canon T2i, edited in Premiere Pro.

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