Features zero backlash, minimal lost motion and high torsional stiffness. These reducers excel in applications that demand accurate positioning, such as industrial robotics and automated production equipment.

All FA types in 4 to 6 sizes

Gear ratios 29:1 to 179;1 single-stage
Rated torque up to 5,140 Nm
Acceleration torque up to 7,610 Nm

FC-A Standard unit without bearing support on the output flange
F1C-A Drive with output side cross roller bearing
F2C-A Drive with output flange and integrated tapered roller bearing; Option: F-flange housing
F3C-A Drive with output flange and tapered roller bearing

All FC Types in 5 sizes

Gear ratios single-stage 59:1, 89:1, 119:1
Rated output torque 412 to 3,139Nm
Acceleration torque up to 6,278Nm
Hollow shaft diameter 49 to 99mm

F2C-C & F2CF-C
Hollow shaft drive, e.g. for cable housing, with drive shaft
running on bearing, in totally sealed design in 5 sizes

All FT Types in 7 Sizes
Gear ratios from 81:1 to 171:1
Rated torque up to 6,140Nm
Acceleration torque up to 11,000Nm

F2C-T & F2CF-T
With optimized curve profile, integrated tapered roller bearing and high torque
Option: F-flange housing in 7 sizes

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