Stacey Yvonne Claytor
Prof. Maida Withers

Lab 1
TITLE: That’s Soooo Cliché’
INTENTION: This script was designed to assist in my exploration and investigation regarding the use of common American cliché’s as a topic of inspiration for choreography. I intend to engage in a movement improvisation/investigation in which I will explore the movement potential of my topic. It is my belief that cliché’s will prove to be a rich source of inspiration for movement and choreography.

RESOURCES: The following items are required in completing this script:
• A dance studio with sound equipment

• Random mix CD for background music (at least 20 minutes worth)

• At least one dancer, at most 4 dancers

• Notecards with different clichés written on them (at least 4 different cliché’ sayings)

• Video Equipment
*** This script should last for 20 continuous minutes***
Step 1: Dancer(s) start lying on the floor, next to a notecard, in any position.
Step 2: Once the music comes on, the dancer(s) will flip over the notecard, and embody the cliché’ saying written on the card to the best of their ability.
Step 3: When the next song comes on the dancer(s) must run to their opening floor position, lie down and then flip over the next notecard and begin their new improve based on the cliché’ on this card.
Step 5: Repeat step 3 until all cards have been turned over and danced.
Step 6: Once all notecards have been flipped and all cliché’s have been attempted, the dancer(s) should go back to their opening floor position, lying down on the floor. This will be done in silence and will conclude the piece.
ASSESSMENT: This script was attempted twice; once as a solo and once as a group piece. The outcomes were fairly similar however it was refreshing to see other dancer’s approaches to the same source of inspiration. In both versions, I witnessed distinct quality changes, a unique impetus for movement development as well as a natural means of coaxing the dancer(s) out of their usual movement patterns. I believe this to be a very interesting topic and resource for potential choreography. The movement extracted as a result of motivation on the topic of clichés was quirky, abstract, unique and even comical at times. Success in this script was measured by providing room for discussion when performed in a group setting and time for journaling when performed as a solo. The dancer(s) were prompted with questions regarding the efficacy of the experience in helping develop choreographic ideas, encouragement to move outside the box of normal movement patterns and any other thoughts reflective of the overall experience. A survey, free writes from the participants, and/or a performance for an audience that has to guess what the cliché’s are that have been danced etc., could also be thought-provoking ways of assessing this script.

CLICHÉS in this exercise included:
1. A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet
2. Hindsight is 20/20
3. You’ve got your head in the clouds
4. I can’t see the forest for all the trees
5. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make ‘em drink

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