A silent moving image work synthesised from photographs of inner and
outer covers from John Peel’s Record Collection. The images are randomly
chosen and are mixed together by combining the pixel information from
each image with that of the subsequent images through a process known
as ‘Datamoshing’.

This technique was chosen to highlight the diversity and eclecticism of the record collection.
With elements from all the sleeves being randomly selected and crashing into each other at high
speed, it is an attempt to demonstrate the bewildering amount of music that John listened to and
genuinely enjoyed, played and shared with people.

It is estimated that John Peel had in excess of 26,000 LPs in his collection, therefore the images
are selected at a speed of 260 beats per minute.
The images are stored in a database alphabetically with sub divisions for each letter of the alphabet.
The program selects a different letter of the alphabet every 4 bars on the first layer, and every 8 bars
on the second layer, reflecting the classic timing of Pop music.

John Peel lived until he was 65 so the primary colours are mixed in oscillating cycles of 6.5 seconds,
and the video lasts approximately the length of one of John’s radio programmes.

More info about John Peel Archive here: johnpeelarchive.com/

The work was originally created as an installation piece in October 2012 at Norwich Arts Centre
This is a recording of the generative software patch.

Video Created with:
VDMX5 (vidvox.net) and
Datamosh Quartz Composer Plugin V1.0 by Tom / bangnoise (kriss.cx/tom/)

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