My entry for "99 Frames" the Social Animation Project ( I hope you enjoy it!

Aside from the opportunity to throw a ton of colorful stuff together in a neat dynamics sim, one of the goals of this project that inspired me to give it a shot was the emphasis on learning more about Cinema 4D's newest features. To that end, Paper Dogfight is an experiment in the following:

-Aerodynamics: New to R14, just two simple Dynamics properties-- Lift and Drag. Those two new details allow the planes to glide realistically, even after they're deformed by colliding with one another.

-Plastic Deformations: Also new to R14, a few new Soft Body properties that help soft body deformations "stick." Using those new properties, damage to each plane is preserved in a really neat way.

-XRefs: a powerful reference object (new in R13) that lets the designer import and use external C4D files in a "master scene," while keeping the original external files intact. Sort of like precomping in AE! All of the planes in this piece are references to external files, which was really helpful for keeping this very busy scene organized.

-Physical Renderer: another R13 development, allowed motion blur, DoF, and also the added benefit of calculating the reflections/refractions of the fluorescent lights in the background in a much cooler way than the Standard Renderer.

-OpenEXR: More of a new-to-me thing, exporting my multipasses to the OpenEXR format reduced a TON of clutter on my hard drive.

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