Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by El Monge

I grew up in New Hampshire. I played outside a lot. I love being an artist. I still get to play outside a lot. I like feeling free. I like feeling inspired. I love simplicity and I look for meaning in everything. I'm fascinated by nature and beauty and polarity and love.

I want to inspire people. Make them feel something alive and satisfying. Share some of the happiness I get from living a simple life in which I get to make art. It's quieter and richer than any other way I've lived or ever conceived of living.

When I need my ass kicked I read this:

"There is very little virtue in wanting to be an artist. Anyone can do that. There is a great deal of virtue in being one." - Louise Bourgeois

I paint landscapes to capture the tremendous awe I feel when I am immersed in nature. I am particularly drawn to the epic scale of the landscape on the western side of this country. Recently, the scale of my landscapes has been very small. My aim is to capture the expansive, deep, space of thousands of miles within a few square inches. To me this represents the connection to nature that I believe lives inside all of us. We all have a stunning, expansive, deep, space within us. I hope people will be inspired to be in touch with themselves and with the beauty around them when they look at my paintings.

I paint objects that represent life and death, fragility and change, and the beauty I see in simplicity. It's a practice for me to accept the reality of a human existence. I find bones particularly beautiful. They remind me to live my life while I'm here. Life is a very precious, very short gift. A week's vacation from eternity and while we are here we are here to be human. I don't want to miss it. Painting forces me into the present.

I paint human beings to connect to my own human-being-ness. I paint the outside but I'm after the inside. What makes us each unique; what makes us all the same? There's energy between humans. I get to feel that when I draw or paint one of us. Lately I've been drawing myself and I'm learning about who I am as an artist and as a woman. Some things I knew some things I most certainly did not.

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