Personal Video/Musing

Writing & Video editing by me. Horse is Czar.

Well, I hope you like it as it took about 5-6 hours to render apparently (!!!) and some crotch to wither action (that you don't see of course but I felt!)! (Filmed Sept 2012...I don't usually ride bareback but opted to use this footage since it's more....dreamy .). Despite that, apparently the datarate is still too low but I'm not doing to redo since I'm not willing to wait another 6 hours.

It's about dreams and uncertainty really. The whole thing about just not knowing what you want. What you really want or are looking for. The indecisive feeling between giving up and holding on when you're not sure which one is really worth it. Still you're holding on, just for the fragment of a dream to linger. While the video provides a cynical view of reality, it also celebrates the imagination.

Way too many things to discuss, see my blog post for details.

Daydream - CMA & Kaj (licensed under CC-Attribution)

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