I worked on a group project in school to make a 30 sec commercial in a month. We decided to make a commercial that was funny but slightly crud Our commercial was trying to sell pogo legs to people and done like a anti-depressent commercial.

It took about a month to create and everyone who worked on the project did a great job! Everyone in the group had a scene they animated and colored. Everyone also did a storyboard when we were trying to come up with an idea. Here's who worked on the project and everything they contributed,

Cara Stemo: director, script writer, character designer, color designer, editor, animator

Ethan T Daniels: storyboard, animator, primary editor, script writer

Delaney Ryan: co director, character designer, animator

Forrest Norris: animator, sound editor

Julia Cazier: animator, character designer

Hayley Dubay: character designer, background artist

Henry Lane: animator

This was the a really fun project and I am so happy I got to direct it because our end result looked amazing. Everyone one the team put so much time into the commercial and most of us had to skip spring break to finish it on time. Great work!

Also, thank you Joe and Steve for helping out!

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