Creation of three Parisine Girouette typefaces for LED electronic bus display screens owned by the RATP.

Since 2009, the 350 buses brought into service by the RATP every year have been equipped with LED signage indicating the number of the bus and the destination. Yet the Parisine typeface adopted by the RATP dates back to 1996; it was therefore high time to upgrade the typefaces for information display on buses so as to offer users clearer indication of the service.

The typeface designer Jean François Porchez (at ZeCraft), who originally created the Parisine, developed variants on his typeface more suited to the shorter format of LED panels. He also had to factor in constraints related to urban use and outline characters legible by all passengers including the sight impaired.

Design: ZeCraft
Designers: Jean François Porchez

Company / Editor: RATP, Conception & identité des espaces, Département des espaces et du patrimoine

Design date: 09/2011
Launch date: 02/2012

Awards: Etoile du design 13

Video made by RATP for the Observeur du design 13, 2011, all rights reserved.

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