Gallery Ho is pleased to present Jeonghyung Lee and Hyungsub Shin’s two person show “Two in White” view on January 31 through February 23, 2013. With elimination of color, their art works will suggest a new type of catharsis to the viewers. Each artwork contains calm white medium, and this medium transmits oppression of feelings. Moreover, it will dissolve the personal ideas of audience and artists themselves. Delicate structures and demolished configurations express their passion for the emotional freedom, which would be passed over the language barrier and cultural differences.

While it appears to be broken glasses, Shin’s Unbreakable Frangment settles person’s unease mind such as depression and tension. His work firstly seems like destructive phenomenon, but soon these tragically demolished paper-cut artworks reborn as well organized structure.
Lee’s Aural Visions is immediately visible modulated structure of music in rhythmical order, while it also presents craving desire of the artist through deconstructive sculpture. His eager to express musical sound is gushing out with complex lines and particular curves.

The white scene of violence and form of dismantled piano exist between preserved serene past and ruined future. The phenomenon of the momental existance stimulates audiences’ imagination of fundamental nature of the object. Audiences’ own creativity brings to the future resurrection from deconstruction. Innocent white art works will absorb own colors of mind and create a new perception and draw two different ways of catharsis.

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