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You want your Prom 2013 dress to be unique, fit well, and represent your personal style —but which prom dress style is right for you? Check out what Brand Ambassador Hayleyistcb recommends to find your perfect Prom dress for Prom 2013.

Hi guys, I'm Hayley Segar or hayleyistcb on YouTube, and 'm here to share with you some of my tips for prom. My best tip for you guys would be to think about what is your style what you would like to wear how it will reflect your personality and that is a sure fire formula for you to find the best dress for your prom. So if you are a very vibrant personality and a little bit romantic I'd suggest a red dress, so classic, so bombshell definitely for the girl that wants to stand out the sparkles help with that as well. And then something like this with a bold print and this awesome jewel tone is great for an artsy girl. And then a neutral tone is great for a girl that wants to stand out but not in a way of color or a print, but these ruffles and this great blush tone. And then our shorty dresses over here are perfect for the unconventional promgirl who, you know wants to be comfortable and be able to dance and have fun at prom. So I hope you guys enjoyed my tip definitely get a dress that suit you and your personality and have fun at prom. Bye.

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