The Game of Cells is conceived to be an installation that merges various scientific aspects, in order to give the user an accessible experience to Cellular Biology and Genetics.

It is strongly inspired by John Conway's famous “The Game of Life”, and abilities frequently use in Role-Playing Games.

The aim is to, over the surface, bring a friendly user interface to operate on, and below the surface, carry out digital virtual analogies of biological processes.

At the same time, merge them in a way that would not only become a fun experience, but also spark an interest on what is actually behind the scenes, what is creating such an attractive visualization.

An in-Depth Project Documentation, with lot's of graphics, is available at pleek.net
It examines every single aspect of the Installation Construction, the Simulation and the Experience.

Idea, Graphic Design, Electronics, Software Programming and Implementation:
Agustín Ramos Anzorena

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