This piece is intended to investigate the impact of the Purkinje Effect of viewers perceptions of the content. As the duration passes, the colors very slowly fade and the light level decreases. After several minutes, each viewer will have a perception of color that is unique to him or her. When this work has been shown, viewers often question each other about whether they are seeing color or not near the end of the piece. The particular type of color change visible in this piece is most pronounced during a very specific window of time from a certain location in the Marin Headlands.

Technical specifications for those who are interested in exhibiting this work:

The master file for this piece is an anamorphic 16:9 720X480 29.97fps NTSC-DV .mov file.
Other file types, codecs and resolutions can be provided upon request.
for more info on the Purkinje Effect, see:

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