SculptUp is an immersive modeling system that makes generating complex CGI easier and faster via an interaction paradigm that resembles real-world sculpting and painting.

No lifeforms were injured in the making of this 
World Builder parody video. (Go watch the original World Builder video here: That way you'll get more of the jokes!)

The SculptUp Team: Kevin Ponto, Ross Tredinnick, Aaron Bartholomew, Carrie Roy, Dan Szafir, Dan Greenheck, and Joe Kohlmann.

Starring: Carrie Roy and Joe Kohlmann
Video Editing: Joe Kohlmann
3D Models: Carrie Roy
Rendering: Aaron Bartholomew
Music: Joe Kohlmann
Special Thanks: Patti Brennan, Kendra Kreutz, and Nathan Mitchell

SculptUp runs in a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment. Users interact with the virtual environment through a handheld wand and voice recognition. There are two unique states of manipulation: sculpt mode and world mode. In sculpt mode, the user creates, modifies, and paints volumetric material using a minimalist control scheme. In world mode, the user positions and resizes their detailed volumetric models to design a large-scale scene. Ultimately, SculptUp’s interface substantially expedites the creative process and catalyzes rapid scene prototyping.

Submitted to the IEEE 3DUI 2013 contest (

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