A curious Himalayan marmot inspects the area around his burrow, while the mountain of Shiva looms in the background.

Marmots are curious little creatures that have an acute sense of smell but, often, very average eyesight. One can often get quite close to them if due caution is exercised, to stay downwind of them. These furry mountain dwellers reside in the high Himalaya throughout the year, going into deep hibernation in the bitterly cold - frigid- Himalayan winter.

I shot this video near the monastery of Driraphuk, at an altitude of 4950 M in South Western Tibet, on a trail going up to the north face of the sacred Mt. Kailash. This mountain is considered to be the sacred abode of Shiva 'Lord of the cosmic dance' The spectacular - sheer- north face(the aspect seen in this video), can be reached after traversing the tricky Kangkyam glacier and is considered to be one of the most beautiful mountain vistas to be seen anywhere.

The jerky nature of the video is unavoidable as it was shot on a phone camera, without any stabilizer, in the rarefied air at nearly 5000 M altitude with a bitterly cold wind blowing.

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