So... why Horsefly? Because it's about community! Be it a place, an instrument or a music genre, these two are into community.

Hear their whole story... and marvel and how lucky WE are to be around to appreciate their talents and wares. Some gorgeous looking and sounding stuff, here.


Recognized for their artistry, craftsmanship and performance, Jason Romero is one of 38 select Builders included in the North American Banjo Builder Series. Filmed entirely on location by Craig Evans, there are four volumes in the DVD Series: Banjo Builders East of the Mississippi (Volume 1), Banjo Builders West of the Mississippi (Volume 2), Conversations with Banjo Historians (Volume 3) and More Conversations with North American Banjo Builders (Volume 4). Smithsonian Folkways has created the "Instrument Builder Collection" to permanently house the Series for posterity.

For more information or to order the Banjo Builder Series, go to:

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