Fact: Montreals MÉtro system is not only the first in the world to be entirely rubber-tired, but also the busiest subway system in all of Canada.

The STM Société de Transport de Montréal is a public transport agency that connects different boroughs of the island of Montreal through buses, rapid transit and secret paths to what I like to call, fiveonefour underground, the biggest underground city in the world, also known as RÉSO.

I started this project with a need to portray every aspect of the city of Montreal through illustrations and moments that I felt all Montrealers could relate to. It doesn't matter what the color of your skin is, what your name is, if you say Hi, Bonjour or Salut, nor does it matter where you come from, point is, if you haven't experienced taking the Metro, then you haven't fully experienced the life of a Montrealer and you definitely haven't seen enough of Montreal in my opinion.
This Part 1 stop-motion is a portion of an entire story and journey in the underground world, beginning with the Metro. This video is equipped with 2 clues, which you will understand more in depth come Part 2.

I hope you enjoy fiveonefour's second production, an inside feel of a few minutes in the shoes of a Montrealer, a preview to an underground world, and the start of a secret search, which will unfold itself through-out time.

Allow me to take you on a joy ride through the Green line, and follow me through this stop-motion journey!

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Music Reference:

Passenger "Let Her Go (Peer Kusiv Remix)"

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