This is a webinar delivered by Kevin on the subject of stock rotation.

Of course, everybody cannot outperform the market because everybody is the market, but an investor armed with a methodical bottom-up approach and the right tools will certainly stand a better chance than the random stock picker.

Warren Buffet has said that a rising tide lifts all boats.

This apparently innocent remark provides us with a clue to one of the most successful, yet least understood, trading strategies of all time, namely External Relative Strength Analysis.

It is widely accepted that just 20% of the performance of an individual stock can be attributed to the fundamentals of the stock itself. 30% is dependent upon the health of the stock's sector or industry whilst the remaining 50% is down to the movement of the market as a whole.

You can see this phenomenon in action for yourself; how many individual shares do you notice going up during a severe market correction?

In this presentation, Kevin Barry of the Traders & Investors Club will be sharing his techniques for identifying the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors helping to ensure that you will be riding the stallions and not the mules.

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