Adjustment of heel shock absorption

1. Lift heel insert at arrow from the front of the pad.
2. Pull out.
3. Insert new pad

Adjustment of duck/angle setting

1. Insert washer into adjustment track at desired angle.
2. Use angle markings as reference for symmetry between feet
3. Insert screw into washer and tighten

Adjustment of footstrap positioning

1. Push down to the disengaged teeth
2. Push the connecters backwards or forward to desired position
3. Pull the connecters upward to engage teeth

NOTE: Adjust the 4 connectors before installing the binding on the board

Adjustment of footstrap size

1. Insert foot into binding.
2. Lift Velcro cover.
3. Open all 4 Velcro straps.
4. Keeping the strap centered , pull with equal force on the two Velcro straps closest to you and then close the straps . Repeat the same process with the two front Velcro straps.
5. Close Velcro cover.

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