Video created for the opening of 11pm christmas eve service at Menai Anglican Church
Theme: Peace/ Prince of Peace
We often think of peace as meaning the absence of troubles, conflict, war etc, but the kind of Peace that Jesus came to offer is one that does not necessarily cure those things but transcends them. Peace like a river, peace that transcends understanding, peace with God, our creator and Saviour. Without God we can't really know peace because it has less to do with well-wishings or quiet moments and more to do with knowing that God has our lives in His care, loving and trusting Him as all powerful, sovereign, good, just, loving, gracious and Lord of all.
This video contrasts utilitarian imagery and everyday moments with the lack of peace that plagues us because this world is so full of worries and brokenness. It aims to contrast this with the promise of Jesus that is oft emblazoned across a greeting card at this time of year- " prince of peace" "peace on earth" and what that really means.

Medium: digital video and still photography( stop motion)
Audio: Sufjan Stevens: Silent Night re-mixed with world news audio clips
Appropriated from and inspired by Simon and Garfunkle's Silent Night/ 7 o clock news

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