Today I shot some setups for a Zombie movie I'm DP'ing. Kieren Wuest (Director) has graciously allowed time on set for initial setups and tests… it's a real luxury to have testing time! What I learned from todays shoot:
- I need a Lamparte Follow focus with hard stops (I shot today without a FF… I have an old Red Rock)
- We'll have to rethink the framing/staging on the 'zombie kids' shot.

I'm shooting this with my S-Log enabled Sony PMW-F3, with the sony T2 cinema primes and a hired Zeiss 18mm prime. I'll have the camera mounted on a dolly and Jib, giving me a lot of movement, but more importantly, reducing reset times (this is a 10 minute film, to be shot in only two days).

I've gone into this project with a few distinct ideas of what I wanted to achieve as a DP, one of which being I wanted to shot a more 'European' looking film than a 'Hollywood' film, but still making it watchable to a 'popcorn and coke' audience.

I also want to 'light it dark'. We found a lot of the windows were blacked out, giving us a little more control… this was all shot with available light. I think all we'll do is have some lights on standby to create some edges when we need them. Shooting S-log onto a Ki Mini (in Prores HQ) will give us the options to really have some control in post to darken it up, and to put power windows on faces (if we need them).

Other info and production stills are available on my website -

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