Cinepro Studios is a regional leader in video production based in Denver with the ability to travel nationally and internationally to make your video production come to life. Having the chance to film some unbelievable events, meet amazing people, new clients, and shadowing Ray Roman of Ray Roman Films this last year was among the highlights of 2012.

With the new year ahead, Cinepro Studios continues to stay on the edge of the latest technology and styles. It really is true; anyone can shoot a video, but it takes passion, creativity, experience, right tools, and some great friendships to make some amazing films.

Although the term videographer is still widely known across the nation, video production is going a new direction and we need your help to spread the word. If you haven't heard of cinematography then we hope this Demo Reel produced in Denver, Colorado by Cinepro Studios will help you see the difference between what videography and cinematography is.

Videographers capture events - Cinematographers capture feelings. We are story tellers {Creative Individuals} with a greater drive to position the camera in more creative ways that help enforce the storyline.

Dusty Jenkins is an award winning Cinematographer in Denver, Colorado and is certified as a steadicam operator. Dusty has been flying cameras for about 4 years now and has experience with the flyer, the zepher, and in the glidecam range, the glidecam 4000, the smooth shooter, and the glidecam 2000.

This real highlights the talents behind Cinepro Studios which is among the owner { Dusty Jenkins } and his best friend { Joe Trigeiro }

Please sit back and enjoy some of our latest work, including a video created for Murphy's River Lodge who was featured on the Price is Right on CBS in October of 2012.

For more info and booking please visit us on the web at

This Demo Reel is edited to: "Punching in a Dream" by The Naked & Famous.
You can purchase their album or song here:


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