Something different & powerful for you in this video and a bit different from the other spelling videos but it's very important & helped me with my writing, my English, my confidence and my self-esteem and that's understanding the differences between Standard English and Non- Standard English. When I say Standard English I mean the grammar used by the British, Americans, Australians, all English speaking countries.

Most of us native speakers don't have a clue about grammar, haven't learnt it at school and just know when something sounds strange or not right, but don't have a clue why. Which is a shame because we can be so much more confident in our language usage if we know more about grammar.

One key way to improve your spelling is learning to love words and learning to love English, and not being intimidated by it. People get intimidated by grammar and say, "I don't understand grammar!". But you don't need to understand everything but I think understanding the key things between Standard and Non-Standard English is important.

There are so many misconceptions about what is "good" and "bad" English, and 'good' and 'bad' accents. And I hope this video will clear up a few of those nasty misconceptions.

Standard English is the grammar used in grammar books. A standardised grammar and nothing to do with accent. We can speak Standard English in any accent we want.

90% of us speak in Non-Standard English with our own grammar, words, slang, dialect which is great for a lot of situations but not others. We need to understand Standard English (standardised grammar) to be able to compete in the world, to be able to get a good job, to empower ourselves.

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