Market Museum was a concept developed by Joachim Hamou for the first BCC (blind carbon copy event in Riga, October 2012.

The Market Museum was an event that was placed in the central Market of Riga during 4 days.

We borrowed a kiosk in the market that used to be a bank. The bank cracked and many people and business lost money. The central market administration lost a huge sum in the crack, money that was put aside for improvements.

During the four days market costumers and sellers came in for a cup of tea, a shat or just to get warm. Many wrote small notes encouraging the initiative. The notes were put on the wall along small anecdotes from the market.

Since there is a major ethnical issue between Russians and Latvians there was made effort to communicate in both languages and the poet Arturs Punte gave away bilingual publications by Russian writing poets in Latvia published by Orbitsa.

The starting point: ”I think we all have to act within market conditions. A museum today has to produce an economy, but its only value is immanent. What would it look like having a museum on the market? The project is based on the idea, that market has become the inner logic of democracy”

Camera: Carlos Vasquez
Music: Vladimir Vysotskij; "Variatsii na tsiganskie temy"

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