For two years, David lived out of his van. But he didn't think he was homeless, he called it living “up town.” But when he lost the van, everything changed. He moved into a tent. He learned how to survive with nothing. He faces cruelty from both young troublemakers and local law enforcement. He says that when the police visit, they pull up the tent stakes and let it collapse.

These days, David uses a sheet of plastic he puts on the ground underneath his bedroll and literally sleeps under the stars.

Despite his rough sleeping arrangements, David still searches for work everyday. He visits Seven Hills Center [ ], an organization that provides homeless services in Northwest Arkansas for a daily breakfast and to use the phone to find work.

I found David's account of trying to find an apartment very interesting. Like many others on the street, David has an income, it's just not enough to afford housing.

Special thanks to The Cobblestone Project

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