As more and more companies attempt to leverage agile development practices toward increased business effectiveness, managers are beginning to realize the broader organizational implications of agile. They are discovering that true agility goes beyond just agile teams.

Agile's focus on team delivery and execution alone exposes gaps in the organization's ability to be adaptive. Existing rules, structures, processes, and leadership styles present problems - they don’t seem to fit the way agile teams are operating, and - at worst - actually get in the way and cause conflict. The result is a fizzled transition- one that starts with excitement and energy, and eventually becomes tiresome and regresses.

To be sustainable, effective agile practice must somehow address the broader organization - Agile must move beyond the agile team. In this webinar, you will:

*Learn how focusing solely on team delivery and execution results in eventual regression, and how to determine if your transition is headed this way.
*Be introduced to a 5-perspective model to assess, strategize and drive your agile change effort, at a pace your organization can handle.
*Begin to explore the exciting world of catalytic leadership, and how it can enable change that sticks.

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