A short documentary exploring the effects war has had on soldiers and the physical and mental scars it has left on them. Within this documentary we also wanted to delve into the reality of life after military service, asking the questions we ourselves as storytellers, and civilians wanted to know.

This documentary focuses, on the mental and emotional state, a long serving Ex-Royal Marine now exists in, and his day to day battles he know faces, as a civilian.

This documentary was produced as part of my Final A2 level coursework assessment, everything I have learnt this past year on 'Documentary film making' and the purpose of documentary, has helped both further develop me as an aspiring film-maker, and informed me greatly of the power and tragedy people face in there lives.

Directed by Ethan Russell

Score - Tony Anderson - Rise (Snowfall Remix)
Tony Anderson - Perpetual (Feat. Liz Navarra)
Rhian Sheehan - Nothing it can

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