This educational video contains important information about the ergonomic features of the bench and how to adjust the bench to fit the weaver.

Specifications & Drawings for building the bench are available for free at:

A User’s Guide and a User's Quick Reference card are also available:

This Synergo Arts video is dedicated to backstrap weavers, who continue making their beautiful textile art --not only to earn a living and care for their families but also to celebrate and honor the richness and beauty of their indigenous culture, and to express their creativity as human beings.

The ergonomic weaving bench for backstrap weavers enables women artisans to protect their health while producing more textiles of better quality. As a result, they increase their ability to provide for their families, and also preserve their weaving culture.

Spanish versions of these educational resources are available for free too:

For more information please feel free to contact the author. Her website is:

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