Human Dream Part 1: Timothy M. Martin

January 21st, 2013 at 4:51 PM

As I started to think about what my first journey to find the ‘Human Dream’ was going to be, my mind took me in a completely different direction than what I actually thought I’d start with. I thought I would start my adventures off with a bang, but as I thought more into the whole experience I realized that doing so wouldn’t help my cause of showing the reader as to the concepts I was trying to convey to them. It would be as if you just started to experiment lightly with opiates and then you’ve accidentally shot yourself up with a massive dose of speed leaving you and your mind in a total frenzy of thought, and most likely vomit. There would be no sense in me just hopping onto a boat in south africa doing some random journey that most people wouldn’t because, at least for me; it wouldn’t hit home enough for me to care. Then it struck: Do the silliest most complained about topic among people today.

The mall when I was a kid was a place I met a lot of my friends and people I know today. As awkward and weird as that might sound, the people I met were actually closer to me at that time period than most of my family. So, for me a mall should not only be a place to buy and worship your favorite goods, but also to socialize and enjoy the experience of the mall as well as the people in it. As I continue on to explain, you’ll see that if anything the social aspect of the ‘American Super Mall’ as some contractors might call it has declined, rapidly at that.

So this is where I chose to begin my first journey into the aspect of ‘The Human Dream’ if there ever is or was one. Since my residence is close to one of the 6th largest malls in America I decided that there would be no better place to start than the 2,450,000 squared footed cold concrete style shopping arena that is ‘Destiny USA’ in Syracuse, NY. With this building containing over 300 plus stores to shop in and one of the biggest indoor carousels, I thought there would be no place better than to begin there.

Equipped with my HD Camcorder as well as my continuous tape recorder we began our attempted adventure into this cold, forced to be warm, tri-colored building. With the camcorder recording at my hip being held properly so no one would notice my documentation I was surprised with the fact that this must happen more often than imaged. As soon as I step into the building, I’m instantly eye-fucked by over 30 people buying popcorn from a vendor as well as people simply walking by. The people began to shy away from me as they noticed the camcorder even existed, let alone was taping there every move. I had done my research enough on the building to know that taping in the ‘public arena’ as it were was completely legal but those citizens acted like they all had skeletons roasting in there closet as they saw me, a mere 20 year old, walk in the doors with my camera.

Brushing off this odd phenomena, I continue and get on an escalator hoping that maybe upstairs might be a bit more inviting. I was wrong. People left and right, while already being busy buying their two-hundred dollar pairs of shoes and their overly priced brand named scarves were stopping in their tracks once again in awh at my ‘audacity’ to even think of recording people doing what they do. I laugh, and turn to my father (who I brought not only to spend time with but also to help me catch things I might not notice) and declare “you’ve sure gotta’ have some guts recording here”. It wasn’t wrong, but the people made it feel wrong. As we continue to basically get shunned by all passerby's as well as store owners I delightfully came to the realization that no matter how hard I tried to hide, disguise, or even put my camera away...the people still knew it existed. I decided to simply put it up to normal height and blatantly film EVERYTHING I saw.

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