This is a Highlight reel from the footage we have shot for the film "Rockabilly High School".

Rockabilly High School
Starring Alix Garnder and Chris Devitt.
Directed by Thomas I. Blanchard & J. Winfield Heckert. Shot by J. Winfield Heckert. Sound by Daniel Murphy. Starring Alix Garnder and Chris Devitt. Costumes by
Tammy Morris Monaco

Edited by J. Winfield Heckert. It was shot with a 4:3 Arri BL. Developed at Alpha Cine in Seattle WA. and transfer done at Cinelicious by Andy. shot on Vision 2 100T outdoor sync shots, 200T indoor sync and 50D crane shot with a Beaulieau r16. The camera has since been upgraded to Ultra 16 by Bernie at 16mm inc. Prorez HD uploaded at 1920x1080

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