"When in Rome, Do As The Romans Do" follows the story of a husband and wife, Ken and Kate, as they struggle to train their dog to sit down. It’s both satirical and dramatic when this seemingly simple task is able to set their marriage over the tipping point. Ken is rigid in his beliefs that his “tactics of logic” and psychoanalysis can in fact cure everybody and every situation, including making Kate “normal” again and training their puppy to sit. The photography of “When in Rome” is designed to bring forth the complex relationship of Ken and Kate and show a sense of “tug-a-war” that they battle through day by day.

Actors: Blaire Chandler, David Wilcox, & Gene Rossi
Director & Writer: Avalon Tipton
Producers: Monique Yamaguchi & Nick Rossier
Director of Photography: Jan Lim
Camera/Steadicam Operator: Massimo Bordonaro
Make-up Artist: Annie Presley
Music & Sound: Ben Bassu

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