I have captured many amazing moments for my clients for the past few years, I have always imagine this special day happen on me, how is it going to be? How will I feel? On 12th January 2013, finally i experienced this special day myself. Please excuse us for some small hiccup during the dinner. We truly appreciate your attendance to make our special day even more beautiful. I deeply appreciate your attendance to make my dinner successful. Lastly, I hope you all enjoy the performances presented by Singer Nadia, DJ Kino and DJ Hawk, Beat boxer Coex, Emcee Mark, and Feliz Wedding. Cheers!

Produced by: Inspiron Studio
Camera Team: Alex Chan, Bean and Ah Fu
Editor: Lantos Sar
Photographer: Calvin Woo, Lantos Sar & Andy Leong

DJs : Dj Kino & Dj Hawk
Beat Boxer: Coex
Emcee: Mark
Flash Mob Dance: Feliz wedding team
SInger: Nadia

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