This is the third video of the Mindtravel.
In this video psychynaut meets Mary Stuart at her residency.

About the Mindtravel:
Since the Winter Solstice 2012, psychynaut of Niene's MoodLab is mindtravelling on the dice,
from west/dark to east/light, using the metro map made by Studio Strik from Eindhoven.
The journey is all about exploring creativity, imagination, playfulness, inspiration & beauty.
On her way Psychynaut will collect tools & tricks to promote the above especially for people in change.
You see: going through change can be tough.
Art/creativity can be a great conduit for change and help you out.
If you wanna know more: follow the travel and you'll find out how.

So come on over to and follow the mindtravel!

Thanks for watching,

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