It was our last shoot in the city after a long weekend of sleeping on basement floors, getting yelled at by Grave Babies' neighbors, breaking into playgrounds, and infiltrating as many inlets of the Seattle music scene as we possibly could. There wasn't much to know about FF - their sole internet presence at the time consisted of two lo-fi demo recordings (they released their debut EP on cassette in December 2012). We went in blind, relying on the word of Ian from Couple Skate Records.

The place was a maze of tiny side-rooms in the bottom floor of a duplex, one that's been re-configured too many times to pass any modern safety codes. A cat wanders through the living room, the soft gurgle of a bong echoes into the hallway, and we arrange five camera angles in "Nathan's room," a mattress-sized plot of carpet at the back of the house. Jeannine is on set design, and somebody is simultaneously playing Jurassic Park on VHS and Gary Numan on the turntable.

The dates are a bit fuzzy, but the band is still young, having played their first show in July. Harley and Claire met in Olympia. Mike played drums for several bands in the past, hosting house shows in Seattle's Central District. Harley met Mike in Olympia through a friend, Spike, and together they formed the Unreals. Their band split after Harley moved to be with Claire, who quickly learned to play bass so they could start FF.

Despite the name, "Caught In a Dream" is a heavy dose of reality - the perfect punch in the gut to wake you from whatever hypnagogic state you've been stuck in. Somewhere between grunge and garage, rapidfire drums drive the energetic rush. Distorted riffs leave you disoriented, yet you're bobbing your head like a kid hearing rock 'n roll for the first time. Harley asks, "do you feel like I feel?", rips a solo, and leaves you wondering where the hell this band has been your whole life.

• Directed by Anna Alek and Chris Cantino • Edited by Chris Cantino • Camera by Chris Cantino, Gary Tyler, Anna Alek, Josiah Marshall, and Lymay Iwasaki • Audio by Mike Elliott • Words by WG

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