A compilation of commisioned work, non-commisioned projects and study-assignments I worked on from december 2008 – januari 2013.

Most projects can be found on my portfolio website tomschrooten.nl and here on vimeo.

Music: Dragos - studiopuntjepuntje.nl

My showreel includes the following projects, in order of appearance.

- Albumpresentation Eefje de Visser (commissioned)
- Music video Hummingville - Big Blue Monsters (directed & co-animated, commisioned)
- The life of Charles T. Stork (directed & animated, commisioned)
- Christmas greetings (non-commisioned)
- Club3VOOR12/Utrecht promo (commissioned)
- Fiction short Baart (graduation project, written, directed & animated)
- Booktrailer IV - Arjen Lubach (directed & animated, commisioned)
- Music video Pax & Pry - Back again (study-assignment, grading & compositing)
- Music video Tweetakt - De kleine dichter (directed & co-animated, commisioned)
- Visuals Eefje de Visser De Koek album tour (animated, commisioned)
- Music video Rosa Ensemble - The Wallace Line (study-assignment, compositing)
- Presentational video De Nederlandse School (directed & animated, commisioned)
- Motion design Duurzame inzetbaarheid (animated, commisioned)
- Motion design Social Enterprise (animated, commisioned)

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