The REN-AI BUDDHIST & WELFARE ASSOCIATION was founded in 1999.The aim of this charitable organization is to provide traditional Chinese medication and acupuncture for the sick and the poor.
To date, more than twenty thousand patients of different racial origins and religions have patronized our medical centre, and the number is increasing daily.
Our medical centre is housed in a rented three-storeyed building.
Being a charitable organization, our medical funds depend largely on donations and contributions from the public.
To the generous donors whose efforts have enabled us to continue offering our services to the poor and needy, we would like to express our sincere gratitude.
The REN-AI MEDICAL CENTRE operates throughout the week.
Free medical treatment is conducted on every Wednesday and Sunday.

* Specialist treatment is available daily, except Sunday.

More than 14 Chinese physicians both local and from China are in-charge of the centre on a voluntary basis.
A mobile out-patient unit was also set up to cater for those who are unable to visit our centre.
In order to keep pace with the rapid development in medical science and to provide better and up-to date medical care, both medical expertise and equipments such as Ultra Sound and ECG machines need to be added in our medical centre. However, owing to their expensive costs, donations and financial assistance are needed from the public.
In conjunction with the 5th Anniversary celebration,our Committee has planned to acquire a piece of three-acres land for the establishment of a new medical centre.

We, therefore sincerely urge you to show your continued support in our project.


以”无缘大慈, 同体大悲”之心, 以”慈,悲,喜,舍”之情, 通过”施医赠药”的方法即治病又理情, 以济渡天下有情, 乃怡保佛教仁爱中医医院之创院之宗旨与愿望。

走过十五年的沧桑岁月, 由初创时之"爱心施医赠药"至"菩提医院”, 再展转至目前"仁爱"历尽风风雨雨, 从无至有, 又自有至无, 人事的数变, 因缘的聚散,莫不令人感叹 ! "仁爱" 之仁与爱, 始终如一 ! 我们不会气馁, 我们只有感恩, 感谢大家之支持, 感谢大家之成就, 因为有了"仁爱”!

仁爱医院成立至今己有五年的历史了, 但始终秉持着慈悲救渡之心, 继续为苦难者付出!我们不分种族, 不分宗教信仰、不分贫富, 竭力为需要者消除病痛之苦! 目前'仁爱医院是全周性运作之中医医院, 除周三与周日为"施医赠药"日之外, 其余则为"专科门诊"日, 是敦聘中国专科医师在院驻诊; 而"施医赠药"是由十四位中医师担岗主持! 本院除了以驻院门作为重点之外, 也不忘进行"外诊"故有"大悲医疗队"之成立, 期望通过定期之流动施诊, 能为人民在保健、治疗与防病等方面略尽棉力!

由于病人人次己破廿万, 而本院自创院迄今, 费用己耗近百万, 再加上"仁爱"力求为病人提供最佳的医疗服务, 不断提高医疗水平、不断增设医疗配备, 如:心电图与超音波扫描器等, 故开支庞大 . 为使未来之发展, "仁爱"冀望全体同仁精心团结、万众一心, 热分光!希望大家慈悲资助!


1) 筹募建院计划(附设中风治疗与康复单位)

2) 筹办"仁爱中医学院"

3) 扩大"外诊"服务与发挥"环保"功能

4) 提升治病素质与医疗水平

5) 培训仁爱中医师与慈悲义工

不為自己求安乐 但愿众生得离苦!

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