That's a surrealist video I did last year. A ballet dancer is sitting on the floor of a dance studio, getting ready for her next class. In the meanwhile, she opens a box and, suddenly, a small ballet dancer appears inside, dancing like the best. The girl continues looking at the box, fascinated, until the bell rings. She closes the box, and goes.
The people use unconscious resources to deal with difficult situations of frustration, fear... in order that such situations do not hurt them. Those are known as Defence Mechanisms. The people deceive themselves falsifying and distorting threatening experiences and ideas. One of those mechanisms is the use of the Fantasy. It happens when the person uses the imagination and experiments through dreams what cannot be experiment in the reality. People who frequently daydream find their own creations are more attractive than their real lives. The human being is leaded by the wish of achieve something he necessitates to exist.
In the film, the wish is represented as a ballet dancer in a box. The girl wants to be a professional dancer, but she sees her own dream trapped. The lack of self-confidence makes us fragile. This is represented at the end of the dream, where the last image will get broken as it was glass.
The hopes are a way of dreaming about what will happen in the future. But sometimes, we just keep them in a box.

The actress is an actual ballet dancer, Eva Gutierrez, who was living and dancing in London while I did my course. She inspired me to do this project as she dreams to be a great dancer (for me, she is), so much so, that she is currently dancing in the best dance school, in Cuba.

The music in the video is:
My Thoughts - Jonathan Dimmel
Rola Z - Renich

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