You should not watch this episode of 2BG if:

1. You're easily offended by things like TRUTH, REALITY and the N-word
2. If you actually like Deception
3. If you're stupid - which means pretty much 1 and 2 combined.

Black people are the new black thanks to Scandal but Deception is what happens when stupid white television executives try to cash in on it. Deception is NBC's "Chocolate Bunny" show ... if you're watching Deception and you actually like it, you're an idiot.

We filmed this episode before the season premier of Scandal - before we decided to stop watching Scandal because it's insulting. Deception is even more insulting. This is another one of those shows - similar to the last one we did on Scandal - where we are begging you to listen to reason, where we are asking you to not allow yourselves to be treated like you're stupid, where we're trying to teach you everything that is wrong with television.

DECEPTION MAKES NOT ONE SHRED OF SENSE and its BEYOND OFFENSIVE to anyone with a brain. Please people ... LISTEN TO WHAT WE ARE SAYING. Laugh all you want because this shit is funny but please LISTEN as well. This stuff needs to stop. This is another hour long rant that is trying to teach you something ... something very real and very serious.

Deception is a disgrace.

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