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Automotive sales training expert, business coach and NY Times best selling business author talks about how important it is for you to advertise in every medium. TV, radio, print, internet, Google search, Facebook ads, direct mail campaigns and more importantly, to prepare your people for the exact situation that will be causes as a result of the ad. Even more important, Grant Cardone says that you must train your people on how to covert each of these opportunities to ensure ROI for every ad you run. The point of advertising is to generate traffic to your dealership or business and to then convert that traffic to a sold customer.

Grant Cardone is a known automotive expert for over 25 years consulting major dealer groups and manufacturers. If you want to have a monster year, take Cardone's advice and require your management to prepare your people how to handle your advertising campaigns.

Aspen, Hamlin, Mudd, DynaMedia, Excel Media, newspapers, google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook will all drive your phones, showroom floors, and internet traffic, but then what?

To maximize the ROI it is vital that you inform, train, prepare, and motivate your people how to handle, convert, and close a transaction so that you don't waste money on the advertising. The direct mail company, TV, Radio, and news paper company doesn't even want you to do it anymore. There is no such thing that ads don't work or don't drive traffic or the right traffic. It is true that the ad fails because your people were not prepared to handle the ad.

Make 2013 killer! Kill it this year by promoting, promoting big, and promoting often, but prepare your people. Call our office today so we can show you exactly what we can do for your direct mail campaigns, tv, radio, and internet advertising! 800-368-5771



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